Release Notes

Not all plugins are maintained by Veertu Inc developers. You might not see them listed here.

Current Version

3.0.1 ( - May 12th 2022

Addons upgrading is not required for features in this release. However, it’s always recommended.

Known issues:

  • Nested virtualization is not functional inside of VMs yet.
  • anka view does not function post-vm-start unless you started the VM with -v.
  • In Anka 2 we enabled a minimal VNC by default, however it is not available in Anka 3.
  • iCloud logins will fail inside of the VM.
  • Changing the display resolution dynamically fails.
  • Physical device capture outside of USB devices like keyboard and “pointing” is not possible.
  • Bug Fix: Curling a forwarded port which does not have the inner VM service/port running will no longer crash the VM.
  • Bug Fix: anka --machine-readable show now shows proper #G value under ram key’s value, instead of bytes.
  • Bug Fix: EULA acceptance from GUI was not sticking.
  • Bug Fix: anka --machine-readable describe port forwarding rules had a key name of name instead of rule_name which was in Anka 2.
  • Bug Fix: anka --machine-readable describe port forwarding rules had no host_port set which packer was looking for.
  • Bug Fix: Screenshot features are now available in the CLI and GUI app.
  • Bug Fix: Cloning two VMs after setting anka modify to bridge was showing a new creation_date and the same IP in use in anka show (but not in the VMs).
  • Bug Fix: You can now use certs to authenticate with pull and push commands.
  • Bug Fix: Anka GUI App no longer default to using 2vCPUs if more are available.
  • Bug Fix: Deleting a tag will now delete the associated .ank files properly.
  • Improvement: Trying to use .app installers will now throw a clear error that they are not supported.
  • Improvement: Support for Mac Studio hardware.
  • Improvement: Custom vm_lib_dir will not be automatically created so that it doesn’t prevent network volumes from mounting to that location with the proper name on reboot of the host.
  • Improvement: We now show the internal screen sharing connection string if there is a corresponding port forwarding rule.
  • Improvement: Expired licenses or licenses that do not support the command you’re running will now throw a clear error.
  • New Feature: Bridge network isolation is now available.

Previous Versions

3.0.0 ( - Feb 1st 2020

  • This is our first release! Features are detailed in the documentation throughout this site!